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5 Facts About Zaful’s Clothing (Read Before You Shop)

Sit back. Relax. Browse through hundreds of clothing articles. Pick your favorites! Then add to bag. But wait! Before you hit that “Place Order” button, do consider these 5 facts so you won’t have to bear much risks and reap the most benefits out of your online shopping with Zaful.

5 Facts About Zaful’s Clothing

1)     Clothing Size – Their clothes are made according to Asians’ body type which are generally petite. Depending on your size or build, their clothes may or may not fit you perfectly well. If you’re on the curvier side, (especially if you’re gifted with big boobies) you might want to consider going one size up for the tops and dresses. Some styles come in limited sizes so make sure you check first if your size is available.

2)     Style – Zaful’s website is stocked up with fast fashion items. Perfect for those of you who loves to keep up with the current trends. But if you’re like me who are into classic chic or semi-minimalist pieces, don’t worry. They have loads of ‘em too. Not just as plenty as those trendy pieces. You just gotta keep on browsing until you find something that would fit your taste. Don’t give up too soon because treasures are found when you dig deep.

3)     Quality – The quality of the materials they use for the clothes are quite durable and long lasting. I bet you’ll be able to use them for years, depending on the care you give. The stitches are tough and well done. To be honest, there are some messy hanging threads inside some particular items. But a pair of scissors is all you ever need for a quick fix. Overall, quality-wise, I give it a 9 out of 10. Not bad for the price.

4)     Materials – Be sure to check out the description for the type of fabric used for the items you choose. They use different materials for different types of clothes. If you are allergic to some type of fabric, skip them and choose something that’s made up of natural fibers such as cotton, silk, linen, hemp, wool and cashmere. You don’t have to compromise between your health and being stylish.

5)     Tags/Labels – Zaful’s clothes come with tags and labels (not shown in the website). Although I’ve never heard of the brand names indicated in the labels. They’re not that poplar, at least here in the Philippines. Just saying. I personally don’t care about the names in the tags as long as the clothes serve me well.


In addition to these, shipping time varies with the place of delivery. In my experience, it took exactly seven days before I got my orders. That is from Guangzhou, China to Manila, Philippines.

Below are photos of me wearing the clothes I got from




Outfit Details:

  • Bowknot Culotte Shorts (Made from: Cotton) – You can wear this pair of shorts with almost any kind of top from ruffled off shoulders, tank tops, or a simple white tee.
    • Great fit (garterized at the back portion), very light and comfortable cottony texture, easily blown by the wind, stitching is good although the threads are messy inside. Looks exactly the same as the photo in the website.
  • Half Zipper Short Sleeve Knit Top (Made from: Acrylic/Polyester) – This simple yet stylish white top seems perfect for both casual (with jeans or shorts) and office (with pencil skirt) attire.
    • Stretchable body hugging fit, zipper runs smoothly, slightly water resistant. It also looks exactly like the one from the website. The only thing is that it folds along the waist so I have to pull it down or tuck it in from time to time.

I am so in love with both of these! They fit perfectly well as if they were custom made just for me.

Glad to have these as new additions to my capsule wardrobe.


Thank you, Zaful.


Love lots,




If you plan to buy something from Zaful, I recommend you check out their very stylish white short sleeve crop tops. You’d want each and every one of them, I tell you. I honestly had a hard time picking.



Photographed by: @minaenae_

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