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My Boyfriend Never Gave Me Flowers Nor Chocolates. He Only Gave Me This!

As a girlfriend, receiving sweet surprises sure would make me happy.  I never met a girl who wouldn’t want that. But my boyfriend is not that kinda guy who would appear with a bouquet of flowers nor a pretty box of chocolates. He told me that way back when we were still friends. And I’m okay with that. I let that pass since I like his character way too much. There’s more to life than sweet nothings and a bunch of flowers who’ll die in a week anyway.
Maybe a lot of you girls with romantic boyfriends would pity me and think I am missing a lot. But no, I’m not. In fact, I’m a proud girlfriend and would boast about him 24/7 if given a chance. Because while I don’t receive the usual gifts of flowers and chocolates, I constantly receive something that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Keep on reading to know what it is.

What Does My Boyfriend Give?

If you’ve been following me on Instagram and wonder who takes my photos, if not my sister, it’s usually my boyfriend. He is not a professional photographer, mind you. He just cares enough about me that he took in the effort to learn photography.
I remember how long we waited for the sun to set just to get the pefect lighting. We waited from 3 pm til 6 with an umbrella over our heads!

He would go down low just to make me look tall. Sorry baby, you’ve got a really petite girl right here!

Even when the sunlight is harsh and the heat is kinda overwhelming, he wouldn’t mind. He’ll even take the time under the sun adjusting the lenses as I pose just to get the right focus.

After I’m done posing for #ootd’s, we’d switch up the roles. I take over the camera to be her Instagram girlfriend too. He’d pose like a pro while I click. Glad he likes the candid shots as well.
Whenever our food arrives, he would sit still and let me take the flatlays first even if he’s already starving. And he is never ashamed even when I stand up on the couch to get the bird’s-eye view.
Whenever my sister’s too busy to take my photos, he would clear out his schedule for me.
It turns out that my guy happens to be that perfect Instagram boyfriend any girl would ever want! And this, is what he gives me everytime: TAPES. Yes, he gives me TAPES!
Time + Affection + Patience + Encouragement + Support. I couldn’t ask for more.
He cares not only about me but also about you my readers! Without him, the blog posts which you happen to be reading would be lifeless and dull.
Tell me, what can a man do for you that would make your heart melt? If you have a boyfriend, what was the most precious thing he has ever gave or done for you? Type it in the comments section below.
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He surprises me with stuffed animals and sweets too from time to time. Just not a flower kind of guy, that is.
The best gift you can give someone is your time. Because you are giving a portion of your life that you can never get back.
Photos of me taken by @cinnamonrolls__
(Feel free to follow him too.)
To God Be The Glory

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