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5 Crazy Situations That Make Us Wanna Wear Black

Black is sexy, chic and never goes out of style. It’s the absence of color yet it removes any shadow of doubt. I’ve always been pondering how this shade can become anyone’s wardrobe staple (except for my grandma who’d always lecture us that wearing black is just for mourning). This is why I’ve come up with this post with my recently worn ensemble. 

5 Crazy Situations Making Us Wanna Wear Black

1) The Alarm Clock Fails To Ring

     We woke up 30 minutes past the time we’re supposed to get up. We’re running late for work and we don’t have the time left to contemplate on what to wear. Pulling out our black blouse and black slacks would always be our easy fix.

2) Attending A Very Special Event (Without Specified Dress Codes) For the First Time

     Going to a grand business launch? A fancy party? A fashion show? First date? Whatever this special event is, we all wanna look cool, elegant and classy. “When in doubt, wear black” as what you’ll hear from the fashion folks over and over again. And you’d always agree without a question for your LBD has always been there.

3) Coffee Dates

      I don’t know about you but I like to wear black because I’m clumsy. Spilling coffee on myself is nothing but usual. Until I get home and change my clothes, the dark brown stains will be safely hiding in the black. A coffee spill isn’t a good excuse for buying new clothes, anyway. 

4) Our Beloved Pet Dies. (Knock on wood!)

 On days when we’re extremely unhappy, all we can ever do is to express the feeling through our ever-trusted black ensemble. Our black statement outfit says it all. 

5) It’s Cheat Day and We’re Going To A Buffet

    We don’t wanna wear brightly colored clothes on an eat-all-you-can resto unless we’d like to see how we look like when we’re pregnant. Wearing black on a buffet is most flattering as it effortlessly hides the stuffed belly. This gives us enough confidence to eat as much as we can.
Whatever our situation may be, we wear black because we simply love black. And that’s all that matters. 
Anything to add up to the list? I’d love to hear in the comments section down below.  🙂

Outfit Details:

  • pearl headband – EGG
  • cami top – The Hub @ Trendsetter’s Bazaar
  • checkered jogger pants – thrifted
  • nude sandals – Rusty Lopez
  • bucket bag – H&M

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