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Fool Proof Eyeliner Pen for the Perfect Winged Eye Look

Mastering the art of creating the perfect winged eyeliner takes a lot of time, practice and patience. But the secret actually lies in the kind of eyeliner you choose to use. If you are a fan of the signature cat eye look, this post is especially made for you.

What I Use for My Signature Cat Eye Look

I have always been an eyeliner kind of girl (the k-pop version, not the emo type, okay?). I can do without eye shadows but never without liners. This product will never ever leave my everyday vanity kit because the cat or kitten eye is part of my daily look. And if you’d ask me, the best and the only type of liner I use is the felt tip pen (usually from a Korean brand). Well, I’ve tried pencil, liquid, and gel but could never get the same result as with the felt tip. It’s the easiest one to control ’cause you know, it’s just like an actual marker that we use to draw or write.

The Best Winged Eyeliner I’ve Tried So Far

Anyways, I’ve decided to create this post ’cause I am really really excited to share my new favorite eyeliner! Have you heard about Skinpotion’s Meow Liner Stamp? There are a lot of great reviews about this one online. To be honest, I have never tried any of Skinpotion’s products before, not even their eyeliner (shame on me) until finally came face to face with Skinpotions Pasig last Saturday when I dropped by at Wood and Willow. So yeah, I must admit I’ve been missing a lot.

What makes this Meow Eyeliner Stamp special is that it has two sides – one with a fine felt tip and the other one with the cateye-corner-shaped stamp made especially for that winged eye look we’ve been aiming for. Seriously, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!

Let’s review the product, shall we?
Note: This is a 100% honest review.
√No lies.
√Just facts.
√Based on my personal experience.

Packaging 9/10
The packaging is very simple and minimal with black as the main color. It only has a sticker label and doesn’t come in a box. But the too cute font and doodles, especially the cat drawing are enough to make me fall in love with it at first glance!

Manageability 10/10
The fine felt tip glides smoothly through the skin creating precise outline for the first try without having to waste a bunch of cotton buds. And the stamp creates nothing but a flawless cat eye corner in literally just a second.

Consistency and Color 9.5/10
The product has a light and dry consistency so you’re good to go upon application. Although when it comes to the color (the blackness), I think I’d like it to be blacker and more pigmented. It gives off a slightly grayish shade so you might want to apply a second layer.

Durability 10/10
It was one hot and sweaty Sunday afternoon when I first tried to use the product. I went to the grocery with it and back home via commute. Guess what? The liner remains intact without any sort of smears or smudges. I left it on my eyelids until sunset and it still looked as if freshly applied.

Scent 6/10
Okay, Iet’s be frank. The scent is far from sweet. Although you won’t notice any strong scent as you apply it on your eyelids, intentionally sniffing the product will give you a bit of a headache. The kind you get from smelling a whiteboard marker. Don’t sniff and it’d be harmless.

Price 9/10
Php 350.00 is not bad for such a great quality. In fact, it’s actually cheaper than the Korean counterparts. I’d say it’s worth investing for if you want your eyes to look perfect all the time.

Overall, I can say that among all the eyeliners I’ve tried, this Meow Eyeliner Stamp works the best for the winged eye look, without a doubt! Yay! Finally found a replacement for the Korean liners that hurt my wallet.

Have you ever heard or tried Meow Liner Stamp before? I hope this review has helped you in any way. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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