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I’m Pinky Sweet on the Outside But Black Bitter Inside

If you ask me what my favorite color is, I’d say pink. Ever since I was a child, pink is that sweet color which made my identity. My classmates from high school even called me “Pinky” ’cause everything I owned from my school bag to notebooks to hair ties is pink. I even dreamed then that one day, when I grow up, I would live in a big pink dollhouse, ride a Barbie pink car and make all by belongings pink.

Fast forward to today, I just laugh at that idea. I still love pink but I have to admit that black is the color I can truly associate myself with. Look through my closet and you’d see that I could never have enough of blacks.


Do you believe that what you wear, what you eat, and what your favorite color is says a lot about you? While black can mean sophistication and elegance, for me it means something else. Something deeper. Such as the absence of color in my life. Because over the years, I grew bitter. Bitter from all sorts of situations I found myself weak such as losing friends, experiencing heartbreak and being gossiped about.

But don’t pity me, my dear friends! I want you to know that even if I carried that bitterness inside of me for too long, today I chose to restore my old happy self by wearing pinks again (literally and figuratively). If you wanna know what pink signifies, Google it. It’s true what they say, fake it ’till you make it! And if you wanna be sweet instead of bitter, try going the other way around. Start from the outside and feel different inside. Today I wore pink. Pink in plains and prints. I’m proud to say that it works and I’m back to my old happy self! Indeed, happiness is a choice. Start by wearing something something bright and colorful.

Now it’s your turn. What is the color you identify yourself with? Leave your answers in the comments section down below.

Outfit Details:

  • pink silk tank top – @glitzyglamshop at Trendsetter’s Bazaar
  • floral skirt – Forever21
  • nude strappy sandals – Rusty Lopez
  • denim jacket – Forever21
  • layered necklace – Club Factory
  • black bucket bag – H&M


Photographed by: Carmina Aglipay

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