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The Real Cost of A Wedding Dress

A lot of my friends are getting married nowadays. They say that weddings will drain out a huge portion of your hard earned savings. And I’ve noticed that a good chunk of it goes to the wedding dress. But do you think it’s worth it? While I’ve always dreamed of wearing a beautiful gown on my special day, thinking about the cost gives me a headache.
As I accompany one of my friends in canvassing for her wedding gown, I’ve come to learn that a gown can cost about Php10,000.00 to Php 500,000.00 or even millions depending on the style, the materials used and the fashion designer. I thought, wow that’s a lot! Celebrities may not find it a biggie. But for us, normal people, we can’t afford to let go of such amount just for a dress that we’d wear only once. And even if we do, where will we put it and use it afterwards? Call me stingy but I believe there’s more to marriage than a fancy wedding dress.
My mom was generous enough to give me a debut party for my 21st birthday (yeah, it’s supposed to be 18th but it’s 21st. Never too late, right?). She bought me two gowns. One for the pre-debut shoot which costs about 5k, and the other one which is more special costing around 15k for the actual celebration. I was so happy! I thought it’s cool to own gowns. It’s a once in a lifetime event, right? But after the party, I never got to use them ever again. Friends and cousins would want to borrow them for some events but they just don’t fit. They’re useless. I don’t see those gowns anymore. They’re probably hiding in the stockroom inside a plastic storage box.
Had I learned what “practicality” means when I was younger, I’d agree to just rent a gown and probably ask my mom to convert the cost of gowns into cash gifts (haha! Just kidding).
I thought I’d probably just rent my wedding gown from Gown For Rent when my turn comes. They provide gorgeous gowns for rent for as low as Php 1,500.00 and not more than Php 6,000.00, definitely making you spend a lot less. And by the way, they cater not only for weddings but for other occasions as well. Evening gowns, cocktail dresses, ball gowns, pageant gowns, you name it, they got it all. If you want an event package, they got it as well!
When my turn comes, I’d like to keep the wedding simple yet elegant with only close friends and relatives around.
It pays to be practical nowadays. Do you agree?
What do you think of renting a gown?
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