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Wardrobe Essentials: Never Spend a Single Cent on Clothes Again With These 6 Kinds of Tops

“I have a ton of clothes yet I have nothing to wear.” Does this sound familiar? If you’re one of the girls who share this dilemma, you are probably lacking some essential wardrobe pieces. You’d always end up buying more and more clothes and then you’ll feel like you have nothing to wear again. I know. I’ve been there. It’s a vicious cycle.

There’s nothing wrong with shopping for clothes. We, girls love shopping! What’s wrong is spending so much yet feeling as if you’ve still got nothing to wear. My advice to you is to save your hard earned money for clothing articles that truly add value your closet. Those that are timeless, versatile and of great quality (not necessarily branded). In short, start with classic pieces before you enjoy the trendier ones. This will not only make your dressing up a lot smoother, it will also help you save some cash in the long run. Trust me. You’ll never have to spend a single cent on clothes again (unless you want to).

Continue reading through this article to know the 6 kinds of top that’ll serve as a strong foundation to an excellent wardrobe that you can count on every time.

The 6 Kinds of Tops You Only Ever Needed

  • The Basic White Tee

This is the most versatile piece you can ever have as it can be worn both for casual and work outfits. A loose-fitting shirt with crew neck is great. Another option is a fitted one with short sleeves for a more feminine look. Some prefer V-necks. There are a lot of options. Find one that fits your style.

  • Striped Tee

Stripes is the type of print that never goes out of style. I wear this at work under a blazer with a pencil skirt. On weekends, I wear this with either jeans or shorts. Whether vertical or horizontal, it never fails to create the perfect #ootd.

  • Collared Button Down Shirt

Every girl, working in the office or not, should own one. It’s a great investment piece because it can be dressed up or down.  It’s that go-to ensemble for every business meeting. It can also be worn under a layer of sweater for a preppy look or with a shorts for a casual yet classy vibe.

  • Knitted or textured tops

Rain or shine, you can always count on knitted tees. You can wear it by itself on a sunny day to add texture to your outfit, or over another shirt to add warmth during the cold.  I’ve always loved the fuzzinness of knit shirts I grew a collection of it over time. But one of a neutral hue is enough for you to get by.

  • Dressy blouses

Going on a date? If you don’t feel like wearing an actual dress at the moment, a dressy blouse such as a plain cami, a halter tank, or a lacey top works just as fine. You can either pair it with black skinny jeans, your fave pair of shorts, or tuck it in culottes for a more sophisticated vibe. Dressy blouses are very girly and multi-functional at the same time.

  • Floral tops

They say that bright colors or fun prints in your outfit can instantly heighten up your mood. If you’re not a fan of florals, any cool pattern that you like is good too. You may opt for a leopard print which is a classic. Or if you’re more of a casual dude, you may wanna go for a graphic tee, a statement tee, or a band tee. It’s all about your style. It’s all about being you.

Combined with the right types of bottoms and cover ups, these tops can serve you with outfits for both work and play. I promise you, mixing and matching will come in a breeze. You’ll never have to ask yourself what you should wear again. And you never have to shop all the time just to look stylish.

Once you completed the 6 kinds of essential tops, it’s time to re-evaluate another part of your wardrobe, your bottoms. But let’s save that topic for later.

So tell me, have you got these essential tops in your wardrobe?

Do you have anything else to add to the list? I would like to know so comment down below.

Stay sleek!

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